Are Signs Important For Promotions

Are Signs Important For Promotions?

Signs are everywhere throughout the world. Some signs announce celebrations, while other signs help inform society of locations and present important warnings.

Street signs help communities stay organized and makes it easier to find locations within a town, city or any other area that has roadways. Businesses use signs in many different styles and forms. Restaurants announce meal specials and realtors advertise houses for sale as well as for rent. Signs relay important notices including parking or no parking and no trespassing. Even open and close signs are staples in businesses, restaurants and any community building. Signs also help lead individuals to an entrance or an exit. A handicap sign in facilities as well as parking lots help indicate special areas designated for those individuals.

Think about celebrations. There are banners, posters and other sign types printed with the announcements of congratulations for weddings, anniversaries, births and other special accomplishments. Some signs have the purpose of advertising not a business, but a person. This is true with politics. Candidates campaign and present their names to the public as well as their political message through signs. These special signs are found on billboards, yard signs, window signs and bumper stickers. The closer it gets to an election the day the more political signs are visible. They are along roadsides for travelers to view and in windows for passersby to see.

Signs come in many shapes and sizes as well as a vibrant rainbow of color when it comes to print, graphics and poster display. There are choices in style and materials used for signs. Do you want a big sign? Try a billboard. Are you displaying something for a party? Try a banner. Magnetic, paper, cloth, plastic, vinyl and plywood are just some of the materials that are considered the most popular. Magnetic signs are perfect for placing on the body of a vehicle. Fellow travelers will see the message and when the vehicle is parked anyone in the area will be able to view the message. While paper and cloth won’t take the elements, such as the rain and high winds, they are great for indoor display while plastic and vinyl are the best options for outdoor signs.

Signs help present information without placing a person in the spot to tell people the message. Instead, the sign does the informing by being placed in a visible location. Some signs are permanent just as for displaying a business name outside or on the facade of a building. Others are temporary such as displaying sales for stores and restaurant. When the sale is over they take the sign down and perhaps replace it with information a new sign.

Different types of signs have different ways of hanging for display. Holders, stakes and frames as well as stands for banners, brochure boxes, banner hangers and attachments, adhesives, magnets, display posts, such as in stores, outdoor stands and poles and brackets.

Perhaps there are signs that may not be considered as signs, but they are. This would include license plates on vehicles including required plates and decorative plates with a special name or message on it. The required license plate gives authorities a sign that the car is legally registered. The decorative sign gives the vehicle some personalization for the owner.

Street Signs

Street Signs

Streets signs’ refers to signs put up on street sides for indicating street names, road signs, traffic signs, parking prohibitions, directions, maps, and other information. Street signs are put up on elevated spots so that they are clearly visible. Individuals also require street signs to put up personal advertisements or name and address of their house for easy location by the mail delivery personnel. However, putting up personal signs requires permission from the government authority prior to its installation.

They are available in various materials such as metal, wood, aluminum and other such materials. Traditionally, materials such as wood was used to make sign boards for street signs. These days, street signs are made out of metals. There are engineer-grade reflective street signs and signboards made of .08-inch thick aluminum, which are fairly popular. These signs usually do not rust, and normally have an average life span of 7 years or more. They are ordered by the State and Federal D.O.T. specifications and are very commonly used by cities nationwide. It is important to use the specific hardware designed especially for flat street name signs.

There are non-reflective street signs, which prove to be more economical but are effective only during daytime. They are sprayed with polyester powder, which is coated with paint and then are parched on. These signs are resistant to rust. The text is lettered with high performance vinyl. These signs are considered the best options where reflectivity is not required. They can be easily installed on round, square or “U” channel posts. Street signs also require special brackets that are easily found in hardware stores.

Many websites provide individuals information relating to the different street signs. Individuals as well as businesses can opt to buy these signs as per requirements. It is highly advised to buyers that they preserve the proof of the purchase to confirm its legality. Individuals can also order for these street signs online.

Neighborhood Watch Signs

Part Two: Neighborhood Watch Signs, Window Decals, Log Sheets, and How to Get Them

Before you read Part two take note of the simplicity of doing something like this. It does take some time to set up, but the benefits will out weigh the time it takes in a safer neighborhood, neighbors as your friends and the Criminals will go elsewhere.

You have probably driven through a neighbor hood where you have seen a Neighborhood Watch Sign.What this does is created an awareness that your neighbors are on the look out for suspicious persons and activities. This is pretty simple but the benefits go further than you might think. In Part One of this series, I discussed how the two-way radios can be helpful. Now imagine these signs on your street, and a few people making routine patrols in your neighborhood a few times a day with the radios with one home being the base. You can report suspicious persons and activities as you see them, which gives the police a better chance at heading it off at the pass. You might be thinking to yourself, The Police are never there when you need them. That is a common thought, however, how are the police to predict a burglar from breaking into your home? That isn’t very practical. However, with cooperation from involved citizens, you can catch people red handed, or prevent the crime from occurring in the first place. And believe me, criminals do not want to test out neighborhoods that aren’t safe for them. They will move to other places if you neighborhood had a good reputation on crime prevention.

There are stickers to put on your windows available too, which will most likely be seen by a perpetrator before they attempt to break in. And that will alert them that a neighbor might be watching. In most areas this works, because there is almost always a police officer close by that can be there within just minutes.

Where do you get these items? Many times your local Law Enforcement Center will provide the street signs, training materials, and window decals. These items are not very expensive if you would like to get them for your own neighborhood watch program. Below is a link where you can get these items for a reasonable price. You may also be able to work with your local Law Enforcement Center and they will purchase the items for you, because involved citizens help them “To Serve and To Protect”.

Warning Street Signs

Importance of Warning Street Signs

Warning street signs not just help the drivers to follow the safety rules and regulations but also help them to drive safely and reduce the number of accidents and other mis-happenings on road. These signs are considered highly important on the roads and streets as they make the drivers aware of any potential roadway danger or unexpected conditions.

Majority of the states in the US have implemented warning street signs on the highways and different types of warning signs on the road to ensure that they constantly remind these young drivers about the safety rules they need to follow. However, most of the people tend to ignore these warning street signs and drive carelessly on the road which causes accidents.

Why follow these signs

Street warning signs help in keeping the flow of traffic smooth and avoid any accidents. These signs ensure that people know about the potential dangers in advance and react to them in a planned manner.

In case of any construction or momentary uncommon circumstances such as water across the road, street signs help the drivers to drive down the road safely without any hassle. Lack of such informative signs will result in trouble and unexpected incidents on the road.

These signs also help the drivers to rightly follow the traffic rules and regulations and save them from any sudden unfavorable situation which may lead to accident.

In dark, generally, reflective street signs are used because they are brighter, noticeable and shine in the dark. These signs glow when the headlights of the vehicle hit them, so it becomes easy for the driver to be aware of any potential danger ahead.

These signs easily save the individuals from any harm and offers easy navigation through busy down street areas.

As these signs have been considered as mandatory by the law of every state, they are durable, affordable and inform about various important things including the speed limit in a particular area.

It’s advised to design these warning signs in accordance with the state regulations so that they are compliance with the law. Proper size, color and shape of these signs will help in easy and faster recognition as compared to the ill-designed signs. Also, the worded signs take longer to comprehend, so signage with symbols can be used to overcome the problem. These signs are necessary to keep the people safe and secure while driving on the road.

Sign Companies

Private Sign Companies Help Reduce Governmental Budget Crunch

Many municipalities throughout the country are finding themselves in a budget crunch where they must continue to provide quality products and services for their residents without spending as much money. In some cases, entire departments are being shut down due to lack of funding. This is also true in Pennsylvania. One area that governments are saving money is by outsourcing their sign needs. They are spending less by having a Pennsylvania signmaker create their traffic signs, custom street signs and even indoor building signs.


In order to be used on Pennsylvania streets and in municipal buildings, the products must meet the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), as compiled by the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Standards (FHWS). The outsourcing of sign production and creation can be instead of or in addition to a local government’s sign shop.

Pennsylvania companies that meet these stringent guidelines may not only be saving governments and taxpayers money in production, but also maybe reducing overtime and excessive wear and tear on equipment. The private company can use state-of-the-art equipment while the government can likely not afford to have the current equipment maintained or upgraded. The personnel that runs it must be specially trained and may be facing budget cuts of their own regarding training classes and availability to perform the job on a high level and timely basis.


Regulatory signs that can be manufactured by a private company instead of a local government’s sign shop include regulatory signs, like stop and yield, as well as construction notifications, speed limits, warnings and parking notifications. Drivers need to be informed of what is asked and required of them before they can comply. The signs must be uniform in size, font, color and phrasing. The materials on which the message is placed must be a certain gauge, or thickness, of metal. The rounded corners and borders must have a certain radius and line width. The type of vinyl signs use must also have a special type of thickness and pliability.


New construction and replacement of worn or missing signage is taken seriously by government agencies. They want residents and visitors alike to be able to find places. Each street should have a marker at its intersections to denote the name of the two or more streets that cross each other. These also have specific requirements on color, shape, size, material and font.


Every government building must have signs available to help people find the right offices. They should be uniform in appearance, as well, just like the traffic and street signage. Indoor signage should tell people how to get to specific offices also inform them when they have arrived at the right place. Hours of operation, purpose and other important information is also displayed throughout municipal buildings on signs that can be produced by private industry.

Street Signs

How Important Is It To Have Clarity in Street Signs?

Residents of Ocean Beach California witnessed an unfortunate incidence where a confusing and conflicting street sign led to an accident at the intersection of West Point Loma and Abbott Street. The local residents in the area claimed that there have been at least four accidents in the past six months owing to the mixed up street signs at the intersection. Motorists at the West Point Loma going west, can either turn left or go straight while the cars going in opposite direction have no way to know that there stands a yield sign ahead and may take it as a STOP sign.

Intersecting roads with vehicles traveling in opposite directions can lead to a disaster. Traffic lights and STOP signs enable drivers to drive carefully through intersections. But at times, the rules of the road are not enough to prevent accidents and a confusing street sign adds to this misfortune.

Impact of unclear signs at intersections: There are a large number of intersections throughout the country. Some are controlled by traffic lights; some by STOP signs while other by yield signs. A common place for driving errors and bad judgment, intersections witness a huge number of accidents. The risk of accidents further increases when intersections have inadequate street signs. As per NHTSA, intersections with inadequate signs, blind spots, and confusing lanes are responsible for two-thirds of all fatal crashes caused due to hazardous roads.

Impact of unclear signs on the driver: Confusing street signs can be daunting to the driver. Incorrect or poorly placed signs can confuse drivers and cause a cognitive distraction, forcing them to pay extra attention to the sign to make sense out of it. This cognitive distraction results in a sudden decrease in a vehicle’s speed causing consequential crashes.

Impact of unclear signs on one-ways: Accidents trends are showing more and more drivers getting involved in wrong-way collisions. Without a proper street sign to prove that highway is travelling in a particular direction, a driver fails to notice signs and may assume that the street travels in another direction. That is, until an approaching car speeds ahead and leaves the driver in shock.

Street signs are a priceless instrument for drivers when it comes to staying secure on the roads. Signs tell the drivers where to exit and go on the highways, when to look out for changes in the road and how fast to go. Lack of necessary signs or confusing signs can lead to accidents.

House Street Signs

Finding Distressed and Foreclosure Properties With Cash For Your House Street Signs

Use large print. Remember, most people reading your signs are driving and cannot read ten lines at 65 miles an hour.

These signs are inexpensive. They can cost as little as $1.50 each in boxes of 100. You can find them at a marketing company listed in the phone book or on the Internet. If you’re on a tight advertising budget, these reasonably priced signs might be a good place to start. Put them on wooden stakes at exit ramps, street corners, and median strips.

Stay out of neighborhoods. Nothing makes folks any madder than when an investor drives through the neighborhood and places signs in people’s front yards. It’s a surefire way to get Code Enforcement all over you.

The next time you are sitting at an intersection, look around. Chances are, you’ll notice signs that say:

Work from home
Lose weight now
Home-based businesses available
Stuff envelopes for quick cash

Folks, people use these signs to attract customers because they work. Again, we love them.

In some areas of the country, county inspectors frown upon these signs. Be certain to check with your local county to see what the sign regulations are. You may need a permit or some form of permission. We don’t want to see you get a huge fine for using “Cash for Your House” signs. If you use caution placing them, you should be okay.

Another great place to put these “Cash for Your House” signs up is on your own rehabs. You can plant them right in the front yard of the property you’re rehabbing. Any rehabber would love to have more houses in the same neighborhood.